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Two Day Mindfulness Retreat

At Abhainn Ri

Enrich your life with Irish food and learn the art of mindful eating at Abhainn Ri. Discover wellness techniques and enjoy food from its source. Taste local produce, experience the Irish traditions of making bread and butter, and the joy of collecting hen eggs and orchard fruits.

The art of Mindful Eating

This two day retreat will give you the tools to have a closer connection between your mind and body and a greater appreciation for food. Through mindfulness sessions you will learn how to experience food as a pleasure, from where it is first produced, to transforming ingredients into nourishing food, and to enjoying its taste. The two day experience will be led by life coach and mindfulness expert Cliona Byrne. Cliona’s passion and motivations for mindful eating will guide you through a life-changing journey as you discover how mindfulness can transform your relationship with food.

Unwind and discover

Mindful eating will teach you how to listen to your body and consume the right foods for you. During the retreat a focus will also be placed on the birth of food through a farm walk which will include the collection of fresh eggs and fruit picking in the orchard. From this retreat you will gain the ability to create and eat food in a mindful way to benefit your overall wellness. You will understand your own eating habits and how you can eat in a healthy way for your mind and body. Your new experiences will include tasting our homemade and locally sourced foods from Wicklow and other surrounding areas, the joys of farm life, and to make your own Irish bread and butter.

Learn new skills with our Irish bread and butter making class

As part of the retreat, learn how food preparation reconnects us with what we eat and how being part of the process awakens all of our senses. This ‘make it yourself’ experience of baking your bread will be held by Niamh Byrne, an expert in Irish bread-baking. Be introduced to Irish traditions as Niamh guides you on how to make traditional Irish soda bread and scones.  During the class you will sample the Byrnes’ homemade preserves, jams, and jelly from their own orchard.

After your bread baking class you will learn to make your own butter. Ireland is famous for our delicate and creamy butter. A perfect accompaniment to go with your freshly made bread.

Farmhouse Guest Accommodation Special Features

  • Mindfulness sessions with Life Coach Cliona Byrne
  • Learn to eat what is right for your body
  • Discover the pleasure of Irish food
  • Learn to bake Irish Soda Bread
  • Learn to make butter
  • Hear Irish Folklore and tales
  • A farm walk to collect hen eggs and fruit from the Byrnes’ orchard
  • 1 night of accommodation at Abhainn Ri
  • Choose between staying in the farmhouse or cottages
  • 1 breakfast and two lunches made from locally sourced ingredients
  • Tasting of the Byrnes’ homemade preserves from own-grown and foraged fruits

Optional extras for guests to enjoy:

  • Extra nights of accommodation at a reduced rate
  • The Byrnes’ homemade preserves
  • Purchase an Abhainn Ri apron

Abhainn Ri Mindfulness getaway

A life changing wellness retreat

Whisk yourself away to our mindful eating retreat. Taste the garden of Ireland through our locally sourced foods, experience life on the farm, learn to make your own bread and butter, and immerse yourself in mindful eating for the body and soul. This retreat hosted by the Byrne family will allow you to relax and revive while experiencing food from Ireland’s lush landscape. Limited availability on certain dates so book early.

Choose your preference of accommodation

While making your booking you can choose to stay at the Farmhouse or at the cottages. If you plan on sharing a room with someone then please let us know.

Extend your experience

If you would like to extend your visit then you can choose to book extra nights of accommodation. To do this, please get in touch.

Limited Availability – Choose your dates and book online 

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