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New Menu Abhainn Ri Cottages

New Menu Abhainn Ri Cottages

Home Cooked Foods – 2017 Menu
Delivered to Abhainn Ri Cottages

This menu is specially for families so that parents can take a break from a night of cooking dinner and relax and await the delivery of one of our home cooked meals.

Dinner and Dessert Included

Our meal sizes:
Medium (3-4 people) – €80     Large (5-6 people) – €100

Main Dishes

Irish Wicklow Lamb Stew
Beef & Guinness Stew
Beef & Mushroom Pie
Mollie Malone’s Fisherman’s Pie
Abhainn Ri Cider Pork with creamy mustard sauce
Farmhouse Cottage Pie
Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Each Meal Includes a bowl of crispy roast potatoes or creamy mashed potatoes

Additional Side Orders

Seasonal Roast Vegetables
Seasonal Salad with home-made Honey & Mustard Dressing
Mixed Carrot, Parsnip & Turnip
Optional Extra Side Order
Medium – €15   Large – €20

Sweet Treat

Fruit Crumble & Double Cream or Custard
Choices:    Apple & Cinnamon, Blackberry & Apple, Joe’s Rhubarb with Ginger, or Mixed Summer Berries


Please give 24hrs notice for any meal request
Food must be paid on delivery

All meals are delivered before 19:00 hrs or can be re-heated by guests if required later

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