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Happy Valentines Day

We had great excitement on Valentines Day with the arrival of twin calves.   Such a lovely pair male & female.  I think we will call them Val & Tyne as they arrived on a special day.  

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Abhainn Ri Pancakes

Pancakes In Ireland

We all loved pancake Tuesday in Ireland as children.  It meant that you would get a great stack of pancakes served in our house with lemon juice, sugar and lightly whipped cream.  If you were very lucky your mother might…

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Abhainn Ri New Website

New Abhainn Ri Website We are delighted to introduce you to our new Abhainn Ri website today.  We hope to feature lots of news and recipes from the farm on a much more regular basis.  Guests have always said that pictures did…

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Irish Tea Scones

450g / 1lb self-raising flour A pinch of baking powder 50g / 2oz caster sugar 110g / 4oz unsalted butter 1 egg lightly beaten 250ml / 9fl oz milk Sift the flour into a bowl and stir in the sugar.…

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